Getting to Know You, Getting To Know All About You

Q: Why did you want to become a doctor? 

Dr. Jerry Epstein: I went to medical school with the sole purpose of becoming  a psychoanalyst. I spent many years getting a medical degree and then becoming a psychoanalyst. I found the practice of psychoanalysis to be a macro input for a micro output. Thereafter, I was blessed with meeting a spiritual teacher of the west (Colette Aboulker-Muscat) that introduced me to a wholistic model of healing based on the ancient hebraic model of healing. This is what i have practiced for the last 40 years. This path of healing is based in a deeper exploration of mind then that offered by psychoanalysis or any other psychiatric modality. 

Q: Did you always want to become a psychiatrist, or did the desire evolve over time? 

Dr. Jerry: I became interested in psychoanalysis in college after reading  Karl Menninger's book Man against Himself. 

Q: What characteristics do you think allow someone to thrive in this career field? 

Dr. Jerry: I think the field of psychotherapy is obsolete and needs to be replaced with a new model of health that is integrative (mindbodyspirit) that evolves out of a spiritual perspective on the purpose of living.   I have thrived because of a determined purpose to know the depths of the mind and the will to fulfill that purpose.  

Q: What have been the characteristics that have allowed you to be successful?  

Dr. Jerry: I love people and am not guided by preconceived theories and outworn diagnostic categorizations of people. The core of being a healer is understanding the healing relationship - where you as the "therapist" have no expectations for the patient, i.e. not being attached to whether your patient heals or does not heal. In other words, I maintain the freedom of the other to be ill or to heal.  This stems from understanding that the healer is not the doctor,  but comes from the invisible reality that we call the divine, spirit, the one mind, cosmic consciousness, etc.  Of course, being flexible, open to new directions,  included reinventing how I present this mode of healing work so that people can benefit from it have been important in my "success."  

Q: What gets you excited about your job and why? What would you say is your favorite aspect of the career? 

Dr. Jerry: I am fundamentally a "teacher of life" teaching people how to live their lives in a harmonious manner, learning how to get out of the future (the uncreated) and the past (events buried and dead). I never get bored with teaching people to "unlearn" what has been inculcated into them that prevents them from living freely in the moment.  

Q: On a scale from 1-10 how hard was it to get where you are now?  Was it worth the journey?

Dr. Jerry: Much of the journey through the medical profession could have been skipped....the journey to find freedom and love in this life is the only journey worth living.