GEMS: The Messiah Principle

GEMS: The Messiah Principle

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This course incorporates elements of everything I have taught about the principles and practices of spiritual life through the prism of personal health and sharing a socially related and social-relationship-based world. This teaching is analogous to the schools described in the Book of Kings called Sons of the Prophets, where the healing direction of messianism was taught.  I received such an education in a 20th century version conducted by my teacher of blessed memory, Mme. Colette Aboulker-Muscat, in Jerusalem.

Aim: The aim of this class is by no means a therapy of any sort, but an education that can afford us an opportunity to change our frame of reference about life, its meaning, and our purpose for being here.  This education is actively applied to our everyday life “situations.” Engaging in a spiritual life is the most practical life on Earth; one that reshapes our habitually conditioned, painful suffering, where many of us are yoked, like oxen, to a plough of drudgery and profound unhappiness.  Through our practice we have the opportunity to correct the fourth major anti-spiritual catastrophe of this planet:  (1) the eviction from Paradise; (2) the Flood; (3) the building of the Tower of Babel; (4) and the current fourth catastrophe, our continued enslavement in a slave driven world. Though some of us are physically free, most of us remain spiritually and mentally, and emotionally enslaved. This course offers us the opportunity to free ourselves --  self-redeemed, self-saved.

Hope: In the Jewish mystical tradition, God stated that he had created and destroyed many worlds, but this world he leaves in humanity’s hands.  We now face a possible “sixth extinction” on planet earth, not the previous five mediated by natural forces but by our own hands. Rather than sounding an alarmist bell, I emphasize that what may be destroyed by the “hand of man” can be healed by the “hand of man,” each of us contributing to the healing process, sharing together, collaborating, and contributing to each other to restore truth, beauty, health, peace, unity, and a new purpose to our being here on Earth together in alliance and connected to our spiritual Source.

Self-Mastery: Taking the foregoing into account, this class focuses on our personal experience, understanding that the themes of our life are reflective of and in everyone else’s.  How those themes play themselves out in our individual lives makes each of us unique.  Individual means “undivided whole.”  As we recover and reveal our personal history, we discover the means, methods, tools, and techniques for turning our moments of life situation into steps to climb, our ladder of self-mastery to leap into that uncertainty of faith, love, hope, to return to that harmonic, peaceful, truthful wholeness of ourselves we are looking for.  While remembering — putting ourselves back together in body and soul — we are able to return to that most intimate relationship we once knew, and departed from.  We come back to our spiritual oneness.  During this discovery process, we are embarking on, you will learn:

  • The errors of living we all create
  • The remedies for those errors
  • The genesis, the origins, of all problems
  • How to become cleansed and purified = to become anointed
  • How to save your life = become your own lifeguard and savior.

I am indebted to five sacred souls who have each contributed streams of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge within the strands of the Western monotheistic spiritual tradition that I have integrated into a cohesive framework with my own unique fingerprint that is in a language understandable to a contemporary ear:

  • Madame Colette Aboulker-Muscat:  my direct teacher and mentor of blessed memory for Jewish prophetic spiritual tradition
  • Valentin Tomberg:  author of Meditations on the Tarot (Torah reversed) under the authorship of Anonymous, for Catholic Hermetic spiritual tradition
  • Dr. Robert Rhondell Gibson, author of The Science of Man, for Christian spiritual tradition.
  • Prof. Friedrich Weinreb, author of Roots of the Bible and Chance, the Hidden Lord:  The Amazing Scroll of Esther, for the Jewish mystical spiritual tradition.
  •  Prof. Henri Corbin, author of Creative Imagination in the Sufism of Ibn Arabi, for the Sufi (Islamic) spiritual tradition.
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