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We Are Not Meant To Die

This summer, Dr. Jerry's newest book will debut. Here's a short summary of the book.

We are Not Meant to Die:  Spiritual Secrets of Longevity to Reverse Our Attachment to the Inevitability of Death brings findings in modern science together with the perennial wisdom of the Western spiritual tradition to demonstrate the rationale for both longevity and even the possibility of immortality in human life.  Whether we achieve immortality or not, we can each learn to live freer, unconditioned lives grounded in the present moment.  Read more »

Gossip and Secrets

My friend, Brendan Elliott, a researcher, keeps me appraised of new findings in the social sciences. Recently he forwarded two articles on the health benefits of “gossip” and “secrets”. Read more »

Unforgiven Pain

 A Guest Post by Judith Besserman, Ph. D. 

Imagery can help us find the key to forgiveness and compassion that appears to be beyond our reach.  Through imagery we see that we can extend our hands, that we can open our hearts, that we can dispel our misconceptions, and that we can find the way to release the haunting memories that enslave us. Read more »

Changes in Our Self-Image for Weight Loss

By: Dr. Jerry Epstein

When you create a new internal self image, you boost changes to your physical shape and form. 

Once you envision yourself as thin, your body will follow this new internal directive. It will be easier for you to shed the pounds and more easily stick to any diet plan you choose.  Read more »

Mindbeams: Our Inner Source of Wisdom

by: Dr. Jerry Epstein

The concept of Mind is akin to the blind men and the elephants. In both scientific and spiritual circles, the term is oft used but ill defined. Indeed, my own understanding has shifted and deepened over the years. Early on, even in my training in psychiatry I abandoned the natural scientific materialist notion that there is the mind resides in the brain.  In my spiritual quest under Colette, I left behind the dualistic notion that there is a split between mind and body. Colette always referred to God as the “Absolute One Mind” A few weeks ago I had a revelation of how the one mind, cosmic consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, lives itself through us. I dubbed this phenomenon “Mindbeams”Read more »

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