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Physician/teacher Dr. Jerry Epstein helps people transform their lives with the most powerful tool available – their minds. Discover how you can take charge of your life,  create new realities and own your destiny. Q&A with Dr. Jerry.  

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New Article: Western Metaphysics of Mental Imagery (published April, 2016)

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Book Releases:

Fall 2016:  Reversing Cancer through Mental Imagery by Simcha Benyosef offers a 12-step progressive program for healing from cancer based on Colette Aboulker-Muscat's imagery exercises.

Fall 2016: Dr. Jerry's new book, Love Trumps Death, debuts Fall 2016. Read an EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT.

Spring 2017ACMI Press debuts  Reversing the Trauma of War: An Imagery Handbook for Veterans, Active Duty Personnel and Their Families by Phyllis Kahaney and Rachel Epstein

Tune in to Dr. Jerry: Exclusive video of Dr. Jerry's provocative MindBody Hearth Health lecture at NYU Langone Medical Center. View now!. Listen to Dr. Jerry's radio/podcast interview on longevity & The Phoenix Process.

GEMS: An Updated Model - Take Dr. Jerry's new GEMS class To heal ourselves from illness and shield ourselves from stress, we need a new vision of ourselves as unified, whole beings. The GEMS educative healthcare model, derived from the ancient spiritual practices of the West, provides this paradigm shift. Though we have been trained to think of ourselves in a compartmentalized manner -- having physical problems that are distinct from disconcerting emotional concerns, troublesome social relationships, and inner moral intuitions -- we are in fact expressing our “oneness” in all these spheres of life simultaneously!   

Transformative Imagery:  Dr Jerry's  "Western Metaphysics of Mental Imagery and Its Clinical Applications" was  published in  Transformative Imagery: Tapping the Source of Personal and Social Change, ed. Leslie Davenport, in April 2016

Writes Dr. Jerry:

"Mental imagery provides us with a portal for self-discovery, healing, and creativity. By turning our senses inward, we can tap this inborn capacity to direct us in our lives. Unbound from time and space, it serves as an access point to discover our liberation and freedom. This essay outlines the Western spiritual history and contemporary use of this three fold method (short exercises, guided exercises and waking dream); how it differs from fantasy, meditation and hypnosis; as well as 33 unique functions of imagery for change and transformation."

The Power of Mental Imagery:  Dr. Epstein is a  pioneer in healing through guided mental imagery or visualization. More blogs and imagery exercises.

Morphology: Reading faces can be a valuable tool in business and life for assessing a person's physical/psychological problems. 

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