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Physician/teacher Dr. Jerry Epstein helps people transform their lives with the most powerful tool available – their minds. Discover how you can take charge of your life,  create new realities and own your destiny. Q&A with Dr. Jerry. 

News Flash: Catch Dr. Jerry's talk June 16 at NYU Langone Medical Center on MindBody: Heartbreak & Heart Health. His new book, Love Trumps Death, debuts this fall (ACMI Press).

The Power of Mental Imagery:  Dr. Epstein is a  pioneer in healing through guided mental imagery or visualization. More blogs and imagery exercises.

  • GEMS provides education about spiritual healthcare: Video, blogs and imagery exercises by health condition (A-Z) -Addictions, allergies, cancer, caregiver burn-out, insomnia, menopause, pain, PTSD, stress, thyroid, weight loss & more. Explore Dr. Epstein’s GEM model of wellness.
  • Calm Down! When is an emergency not one? Why not call on your guardian angel ?
  • Marriage & Relationships:  To marry or not? What men/women need from relationships. Affairs of the heart vs. brain.  Why we are worth lovingTake the love/relationship class.
  • Two Paths To Enlightenment: Mindful Meditation & Healing Through Mental Imagery. More..
  • Aging:  "Turning the Clock Back on Your Aging" (New York Times) validates my work/research during the past 40 years. More...
  • Manage Your Mind:  Is your mind elsewhere? Does it need to be coaxed into cooperating, so that intentions and actions work in harmony? More...
  • Harness Your Dreams:  Decipher your dream for maximum insight. More on dreams.

Job or Lifestyle Changes? You can do it with our Power Imagery Process(PIP) online program. 

Morphology: Reading faces can be a valuable tool in business and life for assessing a person's physical/psychological problems. Take the class.

Give The Gift of Knowledge:  Browse Dr. Epstein's  books, CDs and audio sets. New Audiobook:  Healing Through Mental Imagery. ACMI Press

Learn with Dr. Jerry:  I offer private consultations, classes for the publicclasses for clinicians and for corporations/businesses. Looking forward to meeting you at upcoming events