Gerald Epstein, M.D.: Health & Wellness

Welcome from Dr. Jerry Epstein: As a physician and teacher, I have helped many people transform their lives through the most powerful tool available – their minds. Discover to use these tools to take charge of your life to create new realities and experiences. 

The Power of Mental Imagery: A cornerstone of my teaching is mental imagery or guided imagery and visualization. For thousands of years, mental imagery has been used by wisdom keepers of many cultures to heal the sick, benefit the community and connect to the Divine. My teachings aim to encourage and preserve your freedom with this powerful and insightful tool. 

  • Food for thought: Harness your dream for maximum insight. Learn to see with more than just your five traditional senses.
  • Stress: For our military, an imaging exercise on reducing anxiety and dealing with PTSD. Need help getting through the holidays? Click here.
  • Love & Relationships: Affairs of the heart vs. brain and why we are worth loving.
  • Aging:  "Turning the Clock Back on Your Aging" (New York Times) validates my work/clinical discoveries during the past 40 years. More...
  • Manage Your Mind:  Is your mind elsewhere? Does it need to be coaxed into cooperating, so that intentions and actions work in harmony? More...
  • New Imagery Exercises: For caregivers experiencing burn-out, dealing with addictions, suffering from insomnia, or going straight (kicking alcohol/drug addictions).

Talking With Your Doctor, Clarifying Communications: Health care practitioners may excel at curing but too often, their communication skills can cause anxiety in patients. Don’t let your health care practitioner's buzzwords determine how you feel about your health issue. Read the blog.

Reduce Stress: Don't Worry, Be Happy: Whether you’re worried, tired, not feeling well or distracted, Dr. Epstein helps reclaim your spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual balance. Embrace the power of now with Dr. Epstein’s mental imagery exercises for increasing revenue, attracting love, starting a new career or getting more clients.  Click here.

The Doctor Is In...And He's You: Dr. Epstein’s GEM model of wellness  and Power Imagery Process  (PIP) depend on the proposition that we know more about our wellness and the roots of our distress than we suspect. It doesn’t take a physician or test to become a self-directed doctor/healer/diagnostician.

A Face Is Worth A Thousand Words: Reading faces can help you understand how a person thinks, a valuable tool in business and life for assessing a person's physical and psychological problems. 

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